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My Experience With The Multitasking Software "Aquasnap" and How It Has Helped Me Be More P

Hey there!

I just wanted to lay down my thoughts about a new tool I came across that has really helped me in my day to day work flow.

It's a little software program called Aquasnap and it has given me some nice added functionality to my windows desktop.

In a nutshell, Aquasnap expands on Windows' existing ability to "snap" windows side by side. It's a very usefull features that Windows added in version 7, but Aquasnap takes it to a whole new level.

This software lets you:

  • Add multiple windows and "tile them"

  • Keep a window "sticky" on top of your other windows

  • You can move multiple tiles around at once

  • You can play with the opacity of each tile. (This is handy to use on the "sticky" tile)

Here are some GIFs taken from their site showing some of the funcionality in action:

For any other project managers out there, I have to tell you Aquasnap has really made organizing and manipulating my desktop a lot easier and streamlined.

It's much easier for me to keep whatever I'm working on easily accessible and visible. I hate getting lost in a mountain of "open windows". My productivity grinds to a halt when I'm constantly searching for some key file buried on my desktop.

Aquasnap solves that problem which has led to higher productivity.

I really love Aquasnap, but I should make one note: It doesn't play well with "multiple monitor users". So if you've got a killer set up across multiple monitors, unfortunately Aquasnap's functionality won't work across multiple screens.

Other than that I've really seen an uptick in my performance in terms of multitasking with this software and I'd recommend it to any other project managers out there that want to have their desktops a little more organized and want to get more work done!


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